Warm & Friendly Call Program

Warm and Friendly Call Program

In order to help meet the needs of adult (18 years of age and older) mental health consumers in Allegheny County, the Warm and Friendly Program uses a peer support specialist who makes calls to program participants. A participant can request to be called on a weekly or daily basis, or as needed. Some peers need a reassurance call, someone to check in and say hello. Other people might need a reminder call to notify them of an upcoming appointment.

Warm and Friendly Calls may currently be scheduled Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 2:00 PM and 9:30 PM.

What happens if I don’t answer the phone?

The telephone support specialists will make three attempts to call you. If we are unable to reach you, we will call your contacts that you designated on your Enrollment Form.

What if I want to stop receiving calls?

If you are going to be on vacation, or for some other reason you will be unavailable to answer your phone for an extended period of time, you can notify the Warm and Friendly staff by calling (412) 894-2364. Calls will resume on the date that you are available again.

If you wish to withdraw from the program, you can do so at any time by calling the Warm and Friendly staff at (412) 894-2364. If you withdraw from the program, we will notify your designated contact that you have chosen to stop participating in the program.

Who is eligible for the Warm and Friendly Program, and how do I sign up?

All mental health consumers of at least 18 years of age residing in Allegheny County are eligible for the Warm and Friendly Call Program. Please call (412) 894-2364 to request an Enrollment Form or download the form below. You will start getting calls as soon as we process your information, so call today!

Warm and Friendly Application Form

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